Tips for sick kids at home

Unfortunately it’s still winter in Melbourne. Although there have been glimpses of spring in the last two weeks it has dropped down to a mere 7 degrees (current reading) with rain and suspected hail. Yuk! The sudden changes in temperature and of course rain which equal wet feet – because when was the last time a child could walk past a puddle and not through it? All of this makes the perfect recipe for colds, flus, runny noses and sore throats. Not just for the kidlets but for Nannies, Mummies, Carers and Daddies too.

So what to do when stuck at home sick?

1. Movies Movies Movies
This is a given! I’m a big believer in restricting tv time for kids and apart from the 100 reasons why children should not be tv addicted – your persistence will come in handy when they’re at home sick. TV is such a treat and so entrancing so kids will be able to sit down and rest while watching their favourite movie. I have seen Frozen at least 34 times in the past three days.

2. Make home made ice-blocks
We all know fruit contains high levels of vitamin C which is perfect for battling winter sicknesses. The humble orange is the common go-to fruit for a vitamin C injection but berries (especially blueberries), guava, papaya, apples and kiwi fruit are absolutely full of this little flu fighting, immune building vitamin. Blend them up with some added spinach (got to sneak that stuff in everywhere) and make home made ice-blocks. The kidlets will love them! What a treat 😉

3. Drink fluids out of special cups and crazy straws
As adults we know we have to keep our fluids up but you’ll be hard pressed to get kids to drink water at the best of times let alone when they’re feeling off. Keep a special cup aside for these times and some crazy, wacky straws. This will encourage kids to drink their water & actually get them excited about it. If you can try and sneak some lemon in there and maybe some honey to sweeten the deal.

4. Outside time
This may not be something that comes to mind when you’re fighting a waging war against snot but it’s SO important for these sick little bunnies to get fresh air. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time but as long as they have a chance to breathe that fresh (cold) air into their lungs it will help heal them and make them feel better. Of course sufficient rugging up will be required. It will also help at the time of day when they start getting antsy from being cooped up.

5. Lots of cuddles and understanding
You know what it’s like to feel sick and sorry for yourself so remember this she taking care of sick little ones. It’s ok to drop the normal routine and rules of everyday life. Boundaries are of course important but if they fall asleep on the couch, don’t eat all their food, don’t clean up etc. Its ok. Just be mindful to step up the routine once everything is back to normal. Give them lots of cuddles and attention and make them laugh as much as possible.

A few things to avoid when taking care of sick kids and adults for that matter is milk or milk products. Milk (as in cow or goat) will make mucus thicker and also won’t rehydrate like water or fruit smoothies will. Heavy food is also something to avoid. Small, light and easily digestible meals are best when sick. When your body is trying to fight something off you want most of your energy to go towards that. If heavy meals are being eaten then a lot of energy will go towards digesting that. Plus when you and the kids are laying on the couch for most of the day you don’t need all those calories and kilo joules. It will just make you feel sluggish.

I hope this helps! Please share what your tips are for dealing with sick kids. I’ve been treating myself and everyone else with Pana Chocolate which is completely raw, organic, vegan, sugarless and full of super foods. Yum!


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