The Nina Proudman Effect

For those of you who have been living under a television rock or possibly don’t live in Australia – Nina Proudman played by Asher Keddie is the main character in Channel tens hit show, Offspring.
This TV show is based around Nina Proudman and her ‘wacky’ family as they navigate their way around the chaos of everyday modern life. Any offspring fan can tell you the emotional toll it took on their life when Patrick (Nina’s on-screen partner) was killed off last season and Nina was eight months pregnant with his baby. Let’s all take a moment to gather our thoughts on this and wipe our tears. That particular episode created ripples and conversation for months after it was aired. People are still in shock!
This brings me to my next point – Nina is now the mother to gorgeous little Zoe and this season shows us how Nina juggles her job as an obstetrician, a single mother, her ‘wacky’ family and also mourn the death of Patrick. Nina does all this with an enviable wardrobe which has the perfect mix of comfort, style, bohemian and practicality. There bringing us to something I like to call ‘The Nina Proudman Effect’.
In most episodes, Nina can be found frolicking around the Fitzroy area or going to and from work in her practical, bohemian threads and looking effortlessly ‘cool’. She manages to pull off knee-high boots teamed with maxi skirts and denim jackets like no other. As soon as you type the words ‘Nina Proudman’ into Google it automatically finishes your sentence for you with the word ‘style’. Everyone in Melbourne is now mimicking Nina’s style as best they can and inhabiting Fitzroy.
The question I pose? Is this effortless style and Fitzroy living attainable? Kids are horribly messy creatures and because of this I have my ‘kid clothes’ which are cheap, mostly stained and black¬†and I have my ‘out & about’ clothes which involve colour and structure and a dry-clean only tag. Of course I would never dream of getting these clothes so dirty that they have to be dry-cleaned.
None the less I look forward to Wednesday evenings when Offspring is aired and I can watch Nina swish around in her latest maxi skirt and colourful kimono. I then spend the following morning drinking coffee in Fitzroy whilst shopping online from my IPad.  Effected!