Part Three of Cooking for Kids – Date & Almond Biscuits

Part Three of Cooking for Kids - Date & Almond Biscuits

It’s treat time!

This is the third and final instalment of Cooking for Kids which was featured on The Wellness Warrior’s blog and created by The Organic Sisters.

What better way to round it all up with a yummy but incredibly healthy treat. These Date and Almond Biscuits really hit the spot not only with the kids but adults too and being 100% guilt free you and the kids can make them as often as you’d like. Win!

Tip: To make these extra special you can drizzle some melted dark chocolate over the top once they have cooled a little bit.

Click the link to find the recipe and check out the live cooking demonstration.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series and gained some helpful tips and ideas. Please feel free to share your thoughts and findings.


Part Two of Cooking for Kids – Nori Rolls

As promised in my last blog, please follow the link for Part Two of Cooking for Kids which was featured by The Wellness Warrior.

In this episode The Organic Sisters have created Nori Rolls (yum).

Through trial and error I have discovered two things.

1) The kids absolutely loved getting involved in the making of these (tick)

2) They are actually really easy and super quick to make (tick tick)

We tried lots of different filling combinations to adjust to everyone’s tastes and needs so don’t be afraid to experiment.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  Please let me know what combinations you tried and how they turned out.


Three part kids series – healthy & nourishing recipes (that tastes yum)

We all know how important it is to nourish and energise the growing bodies of the children we take care of – whether they’re our own or it’s a part of our job.
Eating well may be practical and easy for us as adults. Our taste buds are much more developed and we understand the importance of what we need to fuel our bodies to keep up with day-to-day activities. Kids don’t seem to have the same idea. As long as it tastes good and it’s easy to shovel in, they’re happy. Easy right!?
One of my all time favourite bloggers, Jess Ainscough runs The Wellness Warrior blog, which is fast becoming her own little empire. She is living, thriving and functioning with cancer and is a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things health and wellness. I look forward to her emails everyday and I was utterly delighted when an email came through with the subject line ‘Cooking For Kids With The Organic Sisters’. I love cooking healthy treats but find it hard at times to get the thumbs up on deliciousness. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to try these ideas out and guess what… Thumbs up! The Organic Sisters (who created these recipes) are really onto something.
Both The Wellness Warrior and The Organic Sisters have rolled out a number of recipes in a three part series that I’m really excited to share.
Please let me know if this kind of cooking interests you and if you try any of these recipes.


Babyccino’s in Melbourne

Babyccino's in Melbourne

What child doesn’t love a babyccino? They are such a treat – particularly as Melbourne is well and truly in the thick of winter.
Although Melbourne is the café capital with almost everywhere priding themselves on their milk frothing skills and wrist turning coffee pouring, a good babyccino served with a smile can at times be hard to come by.
However, you can tell your little ones not to despair as I have been searching for the perfect balance of froth and fun that is also adult friendly. Remember if we’re happy and have a sufficient amount of caffeine running through our veins then we are much better parents and carers and more likely to let them have those 10 extra slides at the park.
Gypsey and Musquito on Bridge Road in Richmond do super babyccino’s (as you can see). They also do fabulous coffee and have a range of interesting and healthy food options for all you nannies, mummies and daddies. Plus we all know Richmond has an array of great parks to play in before or after the babyccino expedition.
Let me know if you have been to Gypsey and Musquito and you agree with me. Where in your part of the world have you found the best mix of babyccino’s and coffee?