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Your Nanny Network has been working hard to find out what nannies, parents and carers want to read and what inspires you and those amazing tiny humans you care for.
Lots of exciting things are happening and this new world of blogging has Your Nanny Network bursting with inspiration and interest.
As we all know being a carer of any kind is one of the most important jobs in the universe. Stay tuned for Nanny Profiles coming soon…

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4 thoughts on “Blog Loving

  1. L.K.W says:

    I would love to know how many sitters who started babysitting as a teen and continued while in college make the leap from babysitting to nannying full-time. I am 22 years old and although I’ve been babysitting since I was 15 (consecutively!), many parents don’t think any of this experience is enough to be a full-time nanny.

  2. Babysitting is the perfect pathway into being a Nanny but it can still be hard to earn parents trust. Remember, you are looking after the most precious thing in their lives, their children. If you can get a written reference or testimonial from the people you have been babysitting for then this can help when making the transition from babysitting to Nannying. It is also a good idea to have a current First Aid Certificate and a Working with Children’s Check/Police Check. I’m not sure what the equivalent is in the US….it may even be the same? If you’re still having trouble finding full time Nanny work then signing up with a Nanny Agency is also a really good way to get started.

  3. L.K.W says:

    Thanks! I have worked with quite a few families and even the current family I am with, I’ve been with them for 3 years, but they are mvoing away 😦 I am sure the mom wouldn’t mind writing a reference/ recommendation for me. I will have to look into ‘Working with Children’s Check/Police Check” IS that a background check?

  4. Yes, a Police Check or Working with Children’s Check is basically a background check. It’s just to show employers/parents that you have a clean record and you’re eligible to work with children. Definitely get a reference from your current family. It will absolutely help! 🙂

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