Tips for sick kids at home

Unfortunately it’s still winter in Melbourne. Although there have been glimpses of spring in the last two weeks it has dropped down to a mere 7 degrees (current reading) with rain and suspected hail. Yuk! The sudden changes in temperature and of course rain which equal wet feet – because when was the last time a child could walk past a puddle and not through it? All of this makes the perfect recipe for colds, flus, runny noses and sore throats. Not just for the kidlets but for Nannies, Mummies, Carers and Daddies too.

So what to do when stuck at home sick?

1. Movies Movies Movies
This is a given! I’m a big believer in restricting tv time for kids and apart from the 100 reasons why children should not be tv addicted – your persistence will come in handy when they’re at home sick. TV is such a treat and so entrancing so kids will be able to sit down and rest while watching their favourite movie. I have seen Frozen at least 34 times in the past three days.

2. Make home made ice-blocks
We all know fruit contains high levels of vitamin C which is perfect for battling winter sicknesses. The humble orange is the common go-to fruit for a vitamin C injection but berries (especially blueberries), guava, papaya, apples and kiwi fruit are absolutely full of this little flu fighting, immune building vitamin. Blend them up with some added spinach (got to sneak that stuff in everywhere) and make home made ice-blocks. The kidlets will love them! What a treat ūüėČ

3. Drink fluids out of special cups and crazy straws
As adults we know we have to keep our fluids up but you’ll be hard pressed to get kids to drink water at the best of times let alone when they’re feeling off. Keep a special cup aside for these times and some crazy, wacky straws. This will encourage kids to drink their water & actually get them excited about it. If you can try and sneak some lemon in there and maybe some honey to sweeten the deal.

4. Outside time
This may not be something that comes to mind when you’re fighting a waging war against snot but it’s SO important for these sick little bunnies to get fresh air. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time but as long as they have a chance to breathe that fresh (cold) air into their lungs it will help heal them and make them feel better. Of course sufficient rugging up will be required. It will also help at the time of day when they start getting antsy from being cooped up.

5. Lots of cuddles and understanding
You know what it’s like to feel sick and sorry for yourself so remember this she taking care of sick little ones. It’s ok to drop the normal routine and rules of everyday life. Boundaries are of course important but if they fall asleep on the couch, don’t eat all their food, don’t clean up etc. Its ok. Just be mindful to step up the routine once everything is back to normal. Give them lots of cuddles and attention and make them laugh as much as possible.

A few things to avoid when taking care of sick kids and adults for that matter is milk or milk products. Milk (as in cow or goat) will make mucus thicker and also won’t rehydrate like water or fruit smoothies will. Heavy food is also something to avoid. Small, light and easily digestible meals are best when sick. When your body is trying to fight something off you want most of your energy to go towards that. If heavy meals are being eaten then a lot of energy will go towards digesting that. Plus when you and the kids are laying on the couch for most of the day you don’t need all those calories and kilo joules. It will just make you feel sluggish.

I hope this helps! Please share what your tips are for dealing with sick kids. I’ve been treating myself and everyone else with Pana Chocolate which is completely raw, organic, vegan, sugarless and full of super foods. Yum!


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“It takes a village to raise a child”

Fabulous article about the importance of having the right Nanny in your home.

Read Read Read!

Thank you for sharing The Educated Nanny :o)

The Educated Nanny

Interesting Article!  What do you think?

The Other Mother in Our Home: Why Nannies Make Families Stronger

‚ÄúThe key to a stronger family unit isn‚Äôt trying to juggle parenting and being something else. It‚Äôs about letting go and trusting the person or people who raise and educate your kids while you‚Äôre not around‚ÄĒ and believing that your bonds with your child are strong enough to withstand your workday.‚ÄĚ

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Melbourne Weekend: Supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital

Although Melbournians like to hibernate during the winter months – Your Nanny Network could not think of a better excuse to surface from our heated homes than the OP SHOP BALL. Proudly supported by Ray White Real Estate with all proceeds going to The Royal Children’s Hospital/Finnan’s Gift.

See the below link for more information on Finnan’s Gift:

Because this is an Op Shop Ball – anything goes! The tackier the better! Women, think big puffy sleeves, oddly placed belts that are actually attached to your dress, frills and lots of taffeta. Men, think tweed jackets, hideous hats and odd ties.
The idea being that the money you save by purchasing an outfit from an Op Shop the more money you can give to charity on the night.

There is of course a three course meal and drinks included and the best part of all…a dance floor. The most important part of the night though is the silent auction which raises money for sick children. I couldn’t think of a better way to have a night out and spend some money.

Happy Weekending!

Your Nanny Network.

The Nina Proudman Effect

For those of you who have been living under a television rock or possibly don’t live in Australia – Nina Proudman played by Asher Keddie is the main character in Channel tens hit show, Offspring.
This TV show is based around Nina Proudman and her ‘wacky’ family as they navigate their way around the chaos of everyday modern life. Any offspring fan can tell you the emotional toll it took on their life when Patrick (Nina’s on-screen partner) was killed off last season and Nina was eight months pregnant with his baby. Let’s all take a moment to gather our thoughts on this and wipe our tears. That particular episode created ripples and conversation for months after it was aired. People are still in shock!
This brings me to my next point – Nina is now the mother to gorgeous little Zoe and this season shows us how Nina juggles her job as an obstetrician, a single mother, her ‘wacky’ family and also mourn the death of Patrick. Nina does all this with an enviable wardrobe which has the perfect mix of comfort, style, bohemian and practicality. There bringing us to something I like to call ‘The Nina Proudman Effect’.
In most episodes, Nina can be found frolicking around the Fitzroy area or going to and from work in her practical, bohemian threads and looking effortlessly ‘cool’. She manages to pull off knee-high boots teamed with maxi skirts and denim jackets like no other. As soon as you type the words ‘Nina Proudman’ into Google it automatically finishes your sentence for you with the word ‘style’. Everyone in Melbourne is now mimicking Nina’s style as best they can and inhabiting Fitzroy.
The question I pose? Is this effortless style and Fitzroy living attainable? Kids are horribly messy creatures and because of this I have my ‘kid clothes’ which are cheap, mostly stained and black¬†and I have my ‘out & about’ clothes which involve colour and structure and a dry-clean only tag. Of course I would never dream of getting these clothes so dirty that they have to be dry-cleaned.
None the less I look forward to Wednesday evenings when Offspring is aired and I can watch Nina swish around in her latest maxi skirt and colourful kimono. I then spend the following morning drinking coffee in Fitzroy whilst shopping online from my IPad.  Effected!


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Your Nanny Network has been working hard to find out what nannies, parents and carers want to read and what inspires you and those amazing tiny humans you care for.
Lots of exciting things are happening and this new world of blogging has Your Nanny Network bursting with inspiration and interest.
As we all know being a carer of any kind is one of the most important jobs in the universe. Stay tuned for Nanny Profiles coming soon…

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Melbourne Weekend: Keeping the Kidlets Entertained


It’s cold!¬† It’s raining!¬† It’s wet!¬† It’s windy!¬† Welcome to the Melbourne winter.

As adults we tend to enjoy the cold winter days and nights as it’s an excuse to hibernate, cook delicious food and possibly save some money (if you’re not a victim to the amazing winter fashion Melbourne offers).¬† However, if you have kids these winter months are a whole different ball game.¬† Activities (besides watching Frozen)¬†are few and far between and often involve coats, gloves, bright coloured umbrella’s and equally as bright coloured¬†gumboots.¬†¬†Oh yes¬†and there is that ever waging¬†war against snotty noses.¬†

Each Friday I will be rolling out information on what you can do with those gumboot wearing, snotty nosed, puddle loving little people we choose to call our own or take care of as a career.¬†¬† As a professional I know what works and what doesn’t so the below activities are hand picked. Click the links for more information.

Friday 27th June 2014

Stand ‘N’ Stuff Tortilla Family Bar –

Saturday 28th June 2014

Melbourne Zoo (weather permitting of course) Р

Melbourne Star School Holiday Program –

Build Your Imagination at the Lego Brick Zone –

I have also included a little something for us adults which is for a good cause.

‘The Very Special Kids’ is a charity organisation that offers support services to families who are caring for a child that has been diagnosed with a life threatening condition or that are experiencing the loss and grief of losing a child to a life threatening condition.¬† ‘The Very Special Kids’ are holding a fashion sale event at Malvern Town Hall this weekend with Australian and European brands and up to 90% off.¬† Credit cards at the ready!¬† There will a gold coin donation at the door but all going to a good cause.

What are you up to this weekend?¬† Please let me know if you’re aware of any other events that might be of interest.

Happy weekending!





Part Three of Cooking for Kids – Date & Almond Biscuits

Part Three of Cooking for Kids - Date & Almond Biscuits

It’s treat time!

This is the third and final instalment of Cooking for Kids which was featured on The Wellness Warrior’s blog and created by The Organic Sisters.

What better way to round it all up with a yummy but incredibly healthy treat. These Date and Almond Biscuits really hit the spot not only with the kids but adults too and being 100% guilt free you and the kids can make them as often as you’d like. Win!

Tip: To make these extra special you can drizzle some melted dark chocolate over the top once they have cooled a little bit.

Click the link to find the recipe and check out the live cooking demonstration.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series and gained some helpful tips and ideas. Please feel free to share your thoughts and findings.

Part Two of Cooking for Kids – Nori Rolls

As promised in my last blog, please follow the link for Part Two of Cooking for Kids which was featured by The Wellness Warrior.

In this episode The Organic Sisters have created Nori Rolls (yum).

Through trial and error I have discovered two things.

1) The kids absolutely loved getting involved in the making of these (tick)

2) They are actually really easy and super quick to make (tick tick)

We tried lots of different filling combinations to adjust to everyone’s tastes and needs so don’t be afraid to experiment.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  Please let me know what combinations you tried and how they turned out.